About The Contest

This year we are proud to be running an online scavenger hunt during Doors Open Whitchurch-Stouffville. By using QR codes displayed at each of the Doors Open sites, you can answer a series of trivia questions and have a chance to win prizes from Stouffville Toyota and the Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum. All you need is a smartphone, a QR code reader app and the desire to learn about Whitchurch-Stouffville’s hidden treasures!

How The Contest Works

The contest is very easy to enter. After filling out the necessary information on our Registration page, you are all ready to go. We ask you to submit your name, telephone number and email address. We will not be using any of this information for anything other than this contest. Your telephone number will be used to identify you when you submit answers to us and your email address will be used to notify you of your winnings.

Please only one entry per telephone number.

At each of the Doors Open sites you will see a picture of the site and a QR code displayed in a 6×4 plastic picture frame. It will be displayed in a prominent place at each of the sites usually at a desk or a table close to the entrance.

Using your smartphone and a smartphone app (see below for examples), you scan the QR code.

Your smartphone will automatically load a web page with a question about the site you are at. Ask one of the volunteers or staff members at the site for the answer and click on the “Submit an Answer” link. Enter the answer and your last four digits of your telephone number you used to enter the contest with.

The person, or family with the most correct answers at the end of the day, will win a gift certificate to Boston Pizza!

What You Need

First and foremost, you need a smartphone. The most common are Apple’s iPhone, a Blackberry or an Android-based phone such as a Samsung Galaxy. Any telephone that will read a QR code will work.

Second, you need an app on your phone that will read a QR code. A QR code is an encoded bar code that is common in newspapers and magazines these days. They resemble a black and white square but they contain encoded information. In this case, a web site address.

Various scanner apps are available for smartphones. For a thorough list of QR Code readers for iPhones, Android Phones, Blackberries and Mircosoft Windows Phone 7 devices, please visit this page.

What You Will Find At the Sites

At each of the sites will be a small plastic picture frame with an image of the site and a QR code. These will be placed in a predominate location, typically near the entrance on a table or desk.

At the Historical Walking Tours in downtown Stouffville, the leader of the tour, Fred Robbins, will hold the image up and display the QR code at the beginning of the tour. Fred will then say the answer sometime during the walking tour. Listen carefully!

After scanning the code, and reading the question that is on the web page, ask a volunteer or staff member for the answer. Click on the “Submit an Answer” link and type in the answer.


We will be giving away 4 (four) $25 gift certificates for Stouffville’s Boston Pizza. One per family will be awarded.

The four people, or families, with the most correct answers will receive the prizes. If a tie occurs, all winning entries will be entered into a draw where the winners will be selected randomly.